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We are building a genetic interpreting engine!

For future precision medicine

  • Four years ago, a friend with stage IV lung cancer was told by her doctor that she had no therapeutic options. We helped her go over her genetic testing report and identified hidden informations leaded to a targeted therapy. Today, she has stable disease and has long out-lived her original one year prognosis. 

  • Since then, we have helped more than 30 individuals who could not understand their genetic testing reports, as their results ranged from raw data with no explanation, incorrectly interpreted results, as well as overly-detailed reports that obfuscated the important information.  From 60% of those reports, previously unidentified treatment options and clinical trials were revealed.

  • We are building our AI based interpreting engine, DecipherX™. With expert-designed algorithms and expert-trained, DecipherX™ is capable of automatically searching and ingesting massive biological, medical, and pharmacological information related to genetic mutations online, including all the major scientific and medical journals and academic websites, and categorized the information into specific databases and keep updating. It can also collect all information about clinical trials and establish and update corresponding databases. This AI system can quickly read the genetic test reports from different commercial companies and re-analyze them, provide related treatment suggestions and write concise and understandable reports. We still digging all the potentials of this engine.

  • Through gathering large amounts of genetic data, the long-term goal of our system is to find novel disease targets that can lead to customized gene therapy drugs.

Our team

Xun Zhang, Ph.D


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The Professor of Oncology

Chesley Chen, SM, MBA



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The Rocket Scientist, SM, MBA

Winnie (Wenxiu) Zhao, Ph.D 


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The Stem Cell & Bio-marker Scientist

Yvonne Li, Ph.D


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The Genetics & AI Expert

Adele Pascale, CTO

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The AI & Database Management Expert

Recruiting, MD or MD/Ph.D

The Clinical Genetics Expert


Harvard Innovation Lab

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